Version TAHUNA edasich – for all TAHUNA devices – 29.04.2020

  • Fixed unexpected jump to Settings Menu
  • Add support for new country maps: Madagascar, Trinidad&Tobago, Cambodia and Laos
  • Improved device State of Charge visibility
  • Fixed missing Tide Info
  • Address Search in big cities without problems
  • Importing Garmin tracks without crashing
  • Bug fixing

Version TAHUNA decrux - for TEASI PRO - 16.07.2019

  • adding Bluetooth dll that was not released with the previous TAHUNA decrux version for all TAHUNA devices

Version - TAHUNA decrux - for all TAHUNA devices - 10-15.07.2019

  • fixed Datetime issue on some devices
  • fixed missing Range coming from e-bikes with TranzX systems
  • add support for new countries included in the Maps (Nepal)
  • bug fixing

Version TAHUNA Castor - All TAHUNA devices - 18.12.2018

  • Support of new Teasi One4 device
  • Improvements in route recalculation, when track is left
  • New POI categories added to the maps (Bus Stations, Landmarks, Cycle Rental, Defibrillators)
  • Better Turn instructions indications
  • Support for new countries in Central America, Asia and Africa
  • Bug fixing

Version TAHUNA capella – All TAHUNA devices, Live – 17.04.2018

  • Show the name of the current location on the map
  • Improvements in the turning instructions (not display every curve as a turning)
  • Add train stations as separate POI category
  • General bug fixing

Version TAHUNA caph – All TAHUNA devices, Live – 14.02.2018

  • New ROM update for Bluetooth support (concerns TEASI ONE³ (X) and VOLT models)
    Note: Please have a MicroSD card with at least 40 MB available for the ROM update.
  • Map update
  • Solved error on compass calibration
  • Solved crashes related to memory management and when turning off BLE
  • Bug fixing in reading data from speed and cadence sensors
  • Enabling non-bike features on VOLT products (e.g. hiking profile)
  • Faster shutdown of the device
  • Extending font (e.g. for Romanian)
  • General bug fixing

Version TAHUNA beid – All TAHUNA devices, Live – 01.09.2017

  • Turn instruction with direction arrow on route
  • Reorganized settings menu
  • Improved calculations for leaving and returning to a loop track
  • Improved software for Fischer bikes (TEASI ONE³(X) Volt Edition)
    • Computer freeze after 30 minutes of using
    • Computer delay on the e-bike/map screen
    • Optimized Bluetooth management for avoiding crashes
  • General bug fixing

Version TAHUNA baten – All TAHUNA devices, Live – 06.07.2017

  • Smaller update for bug fixing
  • Remedying of reported crashes when leaving a GPX track
  • Bug fixing in the display of the elevation profile when leaving the route
  • Total time of an imported tour in map and computer screen again identical
  • Thinner track line for better visibility

Version TAHUNA barnards – All TAHUNA devices, Live – 01.06.2017

  • Improvements in memory handling
  • Capability to import bigger GPX files
  • Fixed Total Time + Active Time calculations
  • System stabilization (e.g. crashs in memory menu)
  • General UI and bug fixes
  • Apart from Europe (routable) maps of North/South America, Oceania, South Africa and some Asian countries (not routable) are now available for download in TAHUNA TOOL.

Version TAHUNA baham – All TAHUNA devices, Live – 27.03.2017

  • Optimized compass software for TEASI PRO and TEASI ONE³X
  • Optimization in the trip computer: Differentiation between Daily Length and Odometer
  • Improved user interface/ readability
  • Optimized sensor management
  • Fixed problems with HR sensors from Polar
  • Map update and improved map display
  • Implementation of the TAHUNA account in the device for data synchronization between device, TAHUNA TOOL and APP (will follow)
  • General bug fixing

Version TAHUNA acamar - All TAHUNA devices, Live - 19.08.2016

  • First TAHUNA version
  • New user interface in TAHUNA design
  • New Draw&Plan feature added to “Plan your route”
  • Shortcut to profiles from main screen
  • Full Ghost Mode on all Bluetooth® devices
  • Updated U2U Routing
  • POI handling fully rewritten
  • General improvements and bug fixing