TAHUNA provides straightforward and reliable navigation on land, on water and in the snow. You simply select the Bike, Hike, Ski or Boat profile and it calculates the appropriate route for you in an instant.


TAHUNA also enables you to plan routes and save, share or enhance them with all kinds of helpful information on your smartphone, your GPS device or your PC.

It's integrated trip function also provides you with useful data, for instance:
speed, gradient, altitude, calorie consumption and kilometres covered.


TAHUNA Bike navigation selects the best possible route to get you safely to your destination. The greatest thing about it is the integrated user-to-user (U2U) routing, which incorporates the preferred routes of more than 500,000 Bikemap users into your navigation database. TAHUNA calculates your suggested route on the basis of more than 240 million real-world bike kilometres from Bikemap.net.

The TAHUNA Bike profile takes care of all your navigational needs.

What type of cyclist are you?

The Bike profile allows you to choose between mountain bike, road bike or touring bike. So you won’t end up jolting your valuable road bike from pothole to pothole on unsurfaced tracks, and you’ll get all the up- and downhill excitement you could want on your mountain bike.


Got a puncture? All of Continental’s and Schwalbe’s 24-hour maintenance-kit dispensers are pre-installed as Points of Interest, so that your cycling will be stress-free as you explore the region and get to know its inhabitants.


TAHUNA will guide you along the region’s most beautiful trails, helping you discover corners that you just can’t reach by car or bike.

From short outings to trekking tours lasting several days, the TAHUNA Hike profile is your handy guide.

Never miss a highlight of the route again.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the most memorable features of your route, such as spectacular views or interesting sights, the profile will highlight specially selected Points of Interest. Magnificent panoramas, geological highlights and unspoiled landscapes will transform your treks into unforgettable outdoor adventures.


For trips lasting more than a day, TAHUNA provides a dedicated Points of Interest section showing all the accommodation near to you, so you’ll always be able to find somewhere to sleep en route.


Whether you prefer extended ski tours or downhill excitement, TAHUNA’s Ski profile will find you all the best pistes and cross-country trails. The reliable ski navigation covers not only the Alps but also all other ski areas in Europe and the USA.

With the TAHUNA Ski profile you can tailor your winter holiday perfectly to your abilities and personal preferences.

What’s your favourite ski run?

TAHUNA provides maps that are optimized for winter sports, incorporating details of ski runs, lifts, cable cars and cross-country trails. Let yourself be guided to the nearest mountain hut or gondola station, or set your favourite après-ski bar as a Point of Interest. If your route includes lifts, these will not be included in your stats, so as to give you an accurate read-out on your performance.


To find the best route for you, just enter your ski type (e.g. cross-country, downhill, etc.) into the profile. Depending on the level of difficulty selected, the route will only include particular types of run (blue, red, black).


TAHUNA doesn’t just help you paddle your own country’s extensive river network, it also navigates you safely across all Europe’s large lakes. TAHUNA also provides you with precise sunrise and sunset times, so that you can plan your routes accordingly.

The TAHUNA Boat profile helps you comply with important instructions and restrictions and ensures you get safely where you want to go.

Give your trip on the water that personal touch.

The Boat profile includes additional information on factors such as weirs, buoys, bridge heights and tides. You can also create your own Points of Interest such as landing points, or make a note of the next traditional quayside pub, and supplement them with your own information and pictures.


The Point of Interest alert is another useful feature, especially for hazards, opening up Points of Interest automatically on the map as you approach them. You can also specify your own Points of Interest using the alert function, so you can keep an eye on all the important information, and deal safely with any difficult sections of your route.


10 reasons why no outdoor adventure should be without TAHUNA

TAHUNA provides the complete range of services: smartphone app, GPS devices, PC software and even matching accessories.

TAHUNA combines four profiles in one navigation solution: Bike, Hike, Ski and Boat.

TAHUNA navigation adapts to whatever profile you enter and makes your trips unique to you.


All map and software updates are free.

TAHUNA is super-easy to use.

TAHUNA TOUR allows you to plan your own routes and enhance them with personal photos, comments and Points of Interest.

You get access to existing premium tours and content at no extra charge.

You can share your outdoor experiences easily and quickly with friends, family and fellow enthusiasts.

You can access the synchronized data for your TAHUNA profiles anytime and anywhere, using the App, your GPS device or the TOOL. (coming soon)

You also benefit from a wide variety of other practical features such as user-to-user (U2U) routing, links to fitness sensors and range calculation for e-bikes.



Before the introduction of calendars, when we in Europe still thought the earth was flat, Polynesian seafarers were voyaging the infinite vastness of the Pacific Ocean. They travelled thousands of miles by sea with the help of their remarkable navigational skills. Their extensive voyages of discovery enabled them to settle the largest area of any of the peoples on our planet. Polynesian navigation was based on precise observation of the stars, of changes in nature and of migration patterns of different animal species. This knowledge was acquired over centuries and passed down through generations. Tribe members who possessed such closely-guarded knowledge were revered as “TAHUNA”, meaning master or sorcerer. Only a TAHUNA was permitted to wear the sea turtle tattoo, a symbol of unerring navigational skill.